KotorAPSS with Numen/For Use TEMPORARY
July 15 - 22

Is it a pop-up, a folie, an installation? Does it have a function? What is it made of? Does it challenge technology? What is the methodology? How long will it stay?

After our Re-Use series in KotorAPSS, we continue our journey with the topic of TEMPORARY in architecture. Inside the city walls of UNESCO site and within the vicinity of Old Austrian Prison - the mothership of KotorAPSS we have decided to break up with the permanence and talk about its significance in architecture.

Numen / For Use @KotorAPSS 2017!

Znamo da ste jedva čekali #KotorAPSS radionice! Ove godine jedna posebna! Vaši mentori su Numen / For Use i pravićete instalaciju u Kotoru… budite strpljivi za više informacija. Vidimo se u julu!

We know you have been waiting for KotorAPSS workshops! This year it is a special treat! Your mentors are Numen / For Use and you will be making an installation in Kotor… be patient for more info. See you in july!

Numen / For use